'Skin, Canvas & Cloth' 

@The Liquid Squid

Feb 3, 5-8PM


Featured artists this month: Weyaka (fashion designer), Suzanne Shope (painter), Rick Phillips (painter), Joy French (choreographer), Cynthia Knutsen (Painter), Geoff Pepos (photographer, musical alchemist).


Join us at the 2nd smallest gallery in Missoula for a mix of painting, fashion design, dance & music.


(Open @ 5; Performances start on the half hour starting at 6PM.)


Come for the art. Come for the libations. Come for the Squid.


'Skin, Canvas & Cloth' Feb 3 First Friday @ "The Liquid Squid"

415 N. Higgins Suite 111

Missoula, Montana 59802